A Sigil to mark the Beginning of 2019


I’ve always loved the abstract freedom found in just jotting down designs intuitively. Swirls, curves, edges, dots lines… Each shape holds an intricacy all its own. This is probably why sigil drawing has always held sway over me. I’ve been attracted to creating bindrunes for years, but have never just closed my eyes and let a vision take shape as a sigil.

Now, to understand the significance of this practice, one must understand the differences between drawing a sigil and merely drawing abstract designs.

Sigils are intentional; they may be intuitively manifested, but they are designs which hold intent, purpose, a goal. We are numinous when we imbue our own energies into a thing–an object, written word, artwork–and there is power in what we soul forms manifest.

So I had an inspirational moment the other night when I instinctively pulled out my phone’s stylus and started manifesting what the meaning of this new year, new cycle, means to me. With the Sun, Moon, and now Mercury [heading into] in Capricorn along with our partial solar eclipse, 2019 has begun with powerful goal-oriented/newness/healing/rebirth themes. Not only that, but the numerological path of 2019 equates to a 3 frequency. Three is my life path number, and I will be 33 this month. I am a Capricorn Sun, Mercury, Venus and Neptune native. Capricorn is in my bones. So it’s no wonder this New Moon and Sun energy, as well as the planetary alignments and the eclipse, have compelled me into this kind of spiritual action.

The sigil I drew for the budding new year represents Capricorn in all its glory. We will be operating the first bit of 2019 under this sign, and it’s natural that Cappy would make its way into this sigil. The curved object next to Capricorn’s symbol represents 2019’s numerological frequency of 3. This frequency is an activation frequency, like turning the ignition in a vehicle. We are starting something new, healing from old wounds, opening up collective consciousness. You name it, the Cardinal sign of Capricorn is there to witness and support its beginnings.

So meditate on your life’s journey. Let your soul find its own way of waking, stepping out of societal norms as needed. Find solitude and accept and nurture your Self.

For more information on your numerology/Life path number and other info, you can visit Numerology Center.

To find out how this New Moon/solar eclipse and planetary alignment affect you, find your natal chart and read up on what your unique planetary placements are.

As always, many blessings, Love & Light, and a very Happy & Prosperous New Year!