Lauryn Jean|Freelance Writer|Owner & Operator of Barefoot In Florida LLC

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Welcome to Barefoot In Florida!

At Barefoot In Florida LLC I offer content writing services with respect to SEO & content marketing.

I love to help brands teach, develop, and engage their communities through my copy. I offer my services to the health and wellness/natural healing, education, fiction and poetry, home and garden, lifestyle, and travel industries. I am always expanding my writing to include other niche topics that are not listed here.

So how do I craft compelling copy? It looks a little something like this:

Research suggests that our decisions to purchase products and services are motivated by emotion.

And as an empath, I work closely with emotion. [The feels, oh the feels!] Consequently, my copy reflects that. Barefoot’s mission through its content is to comfort and inspire, teach and offer advice. I’ve discovered that this gift of mine is essential in attracting traffic, building and maintaining a meaningful community of customers, and converting leads.

I am always open for good conversation, sharing ideas, and helping others solve problems. If you are interested in discussing how my writing can benefit your brand or business, or you just want to say hello, feel free to email me at contact@barefootinfl.com.

I look forward to connecting!